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Written by Administrator   
Jul 17, 2014 at 03:10 AM
1. Product concept of link Generator V1.0 
2. Process to finalize contract in about two weeks 


Product concept of 1. Link Generator V1.0

"Building internal information sharing system that can be updated quickly, easily, safely" 
It meets the demands of such customers 

  • you want to share via the Web to the documentation for a large amount
  • you want to update content every day
  • Not a lot of budget
  • you want to publish the information to who needs it 
  • you want to talk to customize it because there is a special and requests 
  • you want to be able to search in the document content and title of the materials


Process to finalize contract in about two weeks


  1. Contact Us · Contact meeting 
  2. quote presented 
  3. your contract 
  4. screen design and layout your meeting 
  5. screen construction and setup and delivery


※ delivery time will be approximately 2 weeks screen design and layout your meeting later.