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Jul 17, 2014 at 03:07 AM

Data Logger



Data logger specifically developed for Paroscientific’s sensors
This logger is developed with the objective to receive full data from Paroscientific’s sensors including barometers (Model 6000-16B).

Barometers Interface Function
You can change setting to Barometers and collect pressure data via RS232C. The precision and time format for each sampling date is as follows:
・1Hz 12 digits precision : yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss
・10Hz 10 digits precision : yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss.s
・100Hz 8 digits precision : yyyy/mm/dd

Combination of Barometers and Trimble
The logger receives GPS time data at every one second from Trimble and converts it and sends to Barometers. With PPS pulse signal from Trimble, the logger synchronizes it with Barometer’s high precision time.

Applicable with any GPS and Paroscientific’s sensors

Several serial ports are available depending on different features of various Paroscientific’s sensors

Using real-time OS for stable and quick performance



Connecting Sensors

All sensors of Paroscientific Inc. (Barometers, Water Stage Sensors, Accelerometer, etc.)

Connecting GPS

Trimble, Garmin, Others

Serial Ports


Communications Protocols


Record Media

USB Memory:Max 256Gbyte

Data Format

Text Format, WIN Compression Format, Extended WIN (64bit) Format(unique format) (1 File:1 min or other choice)

Modify Operation Contents

Modification of logger settings and monitoring of operation status can be done via Web browser.

Start Operation

It starts operation within one second after power is on.

Stop Operation

It quickly saves data in the memory and stops operation when power is off.

Restart in emergency

WDT Monitoring of operational errors
(Quickly restart in emergency)


Real-time OS(μITRON)

Power Supply

5V(CPU coreI/O Voltage 3.3V)

Consumption Current


Operating Temperature


External Dimensions




Note: The specifications, design and price shown on this catalogue could be changed without prior notification.